How To Work With The Black Sea Red Data Book

The Black Sea Red Data Book consists of four frames: navigation, menu, index, and document. It is possible to adjust their size with the help of a mouse. The status bar placed at the bottom of the browser is used intensively to display additional information.

navigation menu







To achieve the best performance maximize the browser window and use, if possible, 800x600 or better screen resolution and TrueColor mode. Central European (Win1250) encoding is used for all documents. The Red Book is tested for Netscape Navigator (versions 3.01, 4.02) and Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 3.0, 3.02, 4.02).


This frame contains five items. The BSEIN item links to the Black Sea Environmental Internet Node. Information displays a list of documents concerning the Black Sea Red Data Book. New Window opens a new window and puts into it the document from the Document frame. The Search item lists available Search Tools. The Help item displays this page.


This frame contains two buttons. The Index button loads into index frame the main index of the Red Data Book. The second button may change its caption depending on the index loaded into index frame. If the current index contains a list of species names this button has its caption First, Next, or Refresh and provides the navigation in this index. If the current index does not contains a list of species (for example, the root of the main index contains the list of groups), or it is empty, then this button has the caption Help and refers to the page describing taxonomic principles.


This frame contains the main index of the Red Book or Search Results. If the displayed index contains a list of species names they are supplied with color bullets indicating a type of supplied image:
- none - black/white - color - photo
Clicking on species names puts out their description into the Document frame.


This frame may contain species descriptions, search tools, and other documents included in theRed Data Book. Sometimes it is convenient to save the current document by opening a new window (New Window item in the Menu frame).

See also: Taxonomy.