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  Oceanographic Data & Information
  NODC logo Word Data Centre A - US NODC
  BODC logo British Oceanographic Data Centre
  AODC logo Australian Oceanographic Data Centre
  MARIS logo Marine Information Service
  IMDC logo Irish Marine Data Centre, Marine Institute
  Russian NODC logo Russian NODC (in Russian)
  MODB logo The Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base
  International Organizations

Black Sea Environment Programme Coordination Unit

  IOC logo Intergovernmental Oceanographic Comission
  GRID logo Global Resource Information Database
  ICES logo International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
  NATO SFP logo NATO Science for Peace Programme
  National Reports on the state of the Environment
  Georgia Georgia
  Ukraine Ukraine
  Regional Institutions
  MHI logo Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Ukraine
  IBSS logo Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, Ukraine
  IMS METU logo Institute of Marine Sciences, Turkey
  SIO RAS logo Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russia
  SIO RAS logo

Modelling in marine chemistry and results of some Black Sea expeditions

  RMRI logo

Romanian Marine Research Institute

  SeaWIFS logo

SeaWiFS Project


The Cafe Thorium, WHOI (Includes Black Sea Studies)

  Crimea img

Weather Forecast for Crimea

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