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BlackSIS is located at the main BSEIN server (, Sevastopol, Ukraine), the Internet connection to which can be slow. Users should also take into account that hyperlinks from the BlackSIS applications refer to the main BSEIN server, not to this mirror site.

     Originally BlackSIS was developed by the Delft Hydraulics and MARIS (Netherlands) and the Marine Hydrophysical Institute (Ukraine) in close cooperation with the Black Sea Environmental Programme Coordination Unit (BSEP-PCU, Istanbul). The project was finalized in April 1996 with the release of a fully integrated software package of meta-databases, incorporating extensive data contributions from all Black Sea countries.
   Internet version of BlackSIS was comletely redeveloped by MHI and BSEP PCU in 1997.
  NATO TU-Black Sea Project Data Inventory

NATO TU-Black Sea Project Data Inventory

CoMSBlack Cruises

   The Executive Council of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Comission, at its Twenty-fifth Session (Paris, UNESCO, March 1992), recognized the important initiatives taken by scientists from the Black Sea riparian countries, as well as from countries outside the region, that had resulted in the development of the Co-operative Marine Science Programme for the Black Sea (CoMSBLACK) initiated in 1991 (IOC Workshop Report No.86).

  Users of datasets supplied through BSEIN are requested to incorporate in output products and reports acknowledgements to the originator of the data and to the fact that they were acquired through BSEIN.

Information about Black Sea GIS
(Version 2.0, April 1997)

   The (CD-ROM contains a recently developed Geographic Information System (GIS) covering the large-scale region of the Black Sea. This system has been created using existing and recently obtained data from a wide range of national and international data sources. Eleven scientific institutions and more than 50 experts have contributed to the development to the Black Sea GIS. We recognise that the quality of the data and its resolution varies between countries and also for the various themes. Still, to our knowledge, this GIS is the first multi disciplinary and comprehensive geographic information system in the Black Sea region. It is our hope that this GIS will be useful for scientists and managers, for all friends of the Black Sea, lot all those who want to protect and save the Black Sea.

     The system consists of seven thematic blocks representing different sides of the Black Sea ecosystem. In each block there is a set of map layers illustrating different aspects of the functioning of the Black Sea ecosystem, for some maps a relational database is available.
     The seven thematic blocks are:
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Meteorology
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Chemical Oceanography and Contamination
  • Biology
  • Fisheries
     A user-friendly interface called "GIS Navigator" will guide you through 550 maps available in the systems "Help" is accessible at any time from any screen.
     More information can be obtained from Black Sea Programme Coordination Unit, Dolmabahce Saray II. Harekat Kosku, 80680 Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey.
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