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Users of datasets supplied through BSEIN are requested to incorporate in output products and reports acknowledgements to the originator of the data and to the fact that they were acquired through BSEIN.
All hyperlinks to datasets from this mirror site refer to the main BSEIN server at, Sevastopol, Ukraine. Users are warned about rather slow Internet connection to this server.

. Datasets, received from UNEP/GRID-Europe

GRID-Geneva logoThese datasets were prepared by UNEP/GRID, Geneva for the Black Sea PCU and contain information on Black Sea region. All files are in ArcView interchange file format, ready to use with ArcView GIS.

BSADM95 - Administrative boundaries (85K)
BSAEP - Aeronautical (24K)
BSCOUN95 - Countries (33K)
BSETOPO5 - Topography, 5-minute elevation (53K)
BSHSL - Supplemental hypsography (635K)
BSHSP - Supplemantal hypsography (61K)
BSHYNET - Hypsography (952K)
BSHYPT - Hypsography (25K)
BSPONET - Political/Oceans (100K)
BSPOPP - Populated places (131K)
BSRAILR - Railroads (145K)
BSROAD - Roads (871K)

Data sets of marine expeditions

Data given below are in the TU-Blask Sea Project format. The description of this format is here
WHOI logo Knorr-88 Black Sea Expedition Data Set

CoMSBlack logo HydroBlack-91 Data Set

CoMSBlack logo CoMSBlack-92 Data Set

CoMSBlack logo CoMSBlack-93 Data Set

Some Historical Physical & Chemical Data Sets

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