The main objectives and data distribution policy of the Node are close to those of the GRID (Global Resource Information Database) centres. Information and metadata are freely available for all through the Node home-page. Data are provided through FTP server at no cost to all scientific community after the registration.
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  This Node has been organized by the Black Sea Environment Programme Coordination Unit on the basis of the Internet server of the Marine Hydrophysical Institute (MHI, Sevastopol, Ukraine).
  This site was created by the MHI team:
  Dr. Vladimir L.Vladimirov, Leader Scientist
  Mr. Vladimir V.Miroshnichenko, Leader Engineer-Programmer
  Mr. Vladislav G.Lyubartsev, Scientist
  Dr. Alexey V. Mishonov, Senior Scientist
  Under overall supervising by:
  Dr. Vladimir O.Mamaev, BSEP PCU

General information about the Black Sea (Provided by BSEP PCU)

The geological evolution


Water Balance

Hydrogen Sulphide in the Black Sea

Population in the coastal zone

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