NATO TU-Black Sea Inventory

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All collected data are grouped into data sets. A data set is a set of stations. It has a start and finish date, name and brief description. A data set belongs to some institution. Usually, a data set contains data of a research vessel cruise. Station is a point located in space and time where some oceanographic measurements were carried out. It is characterized by its name, time, coordinates, and sea depth. The name is a text string containing no more than eight characters. The day, hour, minutes and sea depth may be unknown. A station can belong to the only data set.

Inventory contains information about data collected in data sets. You can see how many stations were carried out for each parameter measured in a data set. Some data contributors, usually biologists and chemists, passed information about the amount of samples (casts), but not on the amount of stations. This summary is displayed at the right part of the screen for the current data set. Current data set and station are displayed at the bottom part and are marked out on the map by color.

It is possible to navigate through data sets and stations with the help of keyboard or mouse clicking on the map. The information about the current data set and station is displayed instantly.

A user can select data sets on time, region, country, institutions, measured data, etc. Only selected data sets are displayed.

Data included into Inventory are divided into three groups: Physics (13 variables); Chemistry (24 variables) and Biology (14 variables).

Inventory contains information about 377 data sets (8 scientific institutions, 33 research vessels, 14748 stations, 51 variables).

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