Activities  Sustainable Resource Use TREI-C

The “Tracking Environmental Impacts of Consumption” (TREI-C) project, supported by the Geneva International Academic Network (GIAN), aims at going beyond traditional environmental assessments, e.g. the UNEP environmental assessments by analysing the links between current environmental degradation (air pollution and its impact) and the upstream leading causes (consumption and production systems) on a world basis.

This project will offer a systemic view of the regions particularly affected by trade patterns and facilitate identification of areas, sectors and products that would be appropriate for alleviation policies, e.g. allocation of foreign aid, development of fair trade. It will also develop a feasibility study to extend the “DNA approach” utilised by the clothes manufacturer Switcher, which traces industrial goods by assessing the direct and indirect environmental impacts of the textile production-consumption chain. By providing new information, this will raise awareness and promote more environment-friendly practices among producers and better-informed choices among consumers.

UNEP/GRID-Europe contributed to the project from 2006, by providing GIS, data analysis and graphical visualization expertise.

In the TREI-C project, UNEP/GRID-Europe provided:

> expertise in GIS and data analysis
> existing databases for the development of emissions coefficients (economic module)
> spatialised data for filling the multi-media model (environmental module), e.g. on winds, rainfall rates, vegetation fraction or animal production
> representation of results on analytical maps (printed maps and web maps)
> website
> graphical visualization of the raw data results