Activities  Sustainable Resource Use Mesopotamian Marshlands
Capacity Building
Early Warning
Global Change
Sustainable Resource Use
-Lake Balaton
-Iraq Marshlands Observation System
-Mesopotamian Marshlands
· Introduction
· List of Press Clippings
· May 2003: Water Returns to the Desiccated Mesopotamian Marshlands
· 28 May 2003: Press Release
· 23 May 2003: Mesopotamian Marshlands Forum PPT Presentation
· 22 March 2003: “Garden of Eden” in Southern Iraq Likely to Disappear Completely in Five Years Unless Urgent Action Taken
· 2002: Photos
· 2001: Report
· 13 August 2001: Press Release
· 18 May 2001: UNEP Study Sounds Alarm About the Disappearance of the Mesopotamian Marshlands
-Lake Balkhash
-Freshwater in Europe
-Water for Peace
-Nile River Basin

Some Press Clippings on UNEP Mesopotamian Marshlands Study