Activities  Sustainable Resource Use Nile River Basin (2000)

In 1998 UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Europe started a project on Water Sharing in the Nile River Basin. The major aims of the project were to provide an objective means of dealing with potential freshwater-related environmental problems between states and societal interest groups; to assemble the necessary environmental and socio-economic data and relevant GIS tools for modelling the interaction of these factors; and to apply and use the model in the Nile Basin context to identify potential freshwater problematic areas.

The pilot project on the Nile Valley has been set up to prepare an experimental methodology for identifying the potential water-related problems in a watershed. It is based on distributed hydrological and socio-economic modelling within a GIS, an approach which has been already used with some success in other regions. The first stage of the project focused on the compilation of available geoferenced data sets of the Nile valley region to be used as inputs for water balance modeling. It led to the elaboration of a first report, which gives an introduction the UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Europe Nile River Basin project.

Available georeferenced data sets have been stored in ArcInfo/ArcView. They serve as inputs for water balance modelling, which was carried out with a view to identifying potential water problem areas. General data on transboundary water sharing and on the Nile River Basin have been collected.

The report "Water Sharing in the Nile River Valley" can be downloaded by clicking here (PDF-2.91Mb).

Map of Lake Plateau Region