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The commemoration of the International Year of Freshwater in 2003 stimulated numerous water-related activities at all levels world-wide. DEWA~Europe capitalised on its activities and data available on freshwater for the pan-European region and produced a report: “Freshwater in Europe - Facts, Figures and Maps”.

This publication is an overview, through a set of graphics, maps and other illustrations, on the state of Freshwater in Europe and Central Asia. The review has been compiled in support of UNEP's reporting work on freshwater.

For accessing the publication, go the general page of freshwater in Europe.


Contents, Credits
Freshwater Resources
Freshwater Consumption
Freshwater Quality
Freshwater Ecosystems
Major European Watersheds
Water Policy and Institutions

List of illustrations

The report is also available for download in PDF format pdf:

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Freshwater Quality (10.86 Mb)
Freshwater Ecosystems (7.09 Mb)
Major European Watersheds (28.7 Mb)
Water Policy and Institutions (320 kb)
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