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The Black Sea Basin is internationally recognized for its ecologically unsustainable development and inadequate resource management leading to severe environmental, social and economical problems.  The EnviroGRIDS @ Black Sea Basin project is addressing these issues by bringing several new emerging information technologies that are totally revolutionizing the way we will be looking at our planet in the future. The Group on Earth Observation Systems of Systems (GEOSS) is indeed building a data-driven vision of our planet that is feeding into models and scenarios to explore our past, our present and our future. EnviroGRIDS is aiming at building the capacity of scientist to assemble such a system in the Black Sea Basin, the capacity of decision makers to use it, and the capacity of the general public to understand the important environmental, social and economical issues at stake.

EnviroGRIDS @ Black Sea Basin aims at building capacities in the Black Sea region on new international standard to gather, store, distribute, analyze, visualize and disseminate crucial information on past, present and future states of this region in order to assess its sustainability and vulnerability. In order to achieve its objectives, EnviroGRIDS will build an ultra-modern Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) that will be able to become one of the integral systems in the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), and will be compatible with the new EU directive on Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Union (INSPIRE).

The scientific aim of the EnviroGRIDS @ Black Sea Basin project is to start building an Observation System that will address several GEO Societal Benefit Areas within a changing climate framework. This system will incorporate a shared information system that operates on the boundary of scientific/technical partners, stakeholders and the public. It will contain an early warning system that will inform in advance decision makers and the public about risks to human health, biodiversity and ecosystems integrity, agriculture production or energy supply provoked by climatic, demographic and land cover changes on a 50 year time horizon.

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