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Development and management of environmental data and meta-data, a systematic method for documenting data sets and information holdings, is one of GRID-Europe's well-established areas of expertise.

GRID-Europe played a key role in the development of UNEP's Meta-data Directory (MdD) documenting the information assets of the GRID Network and partner organisations, and has emerged as the organisation's reference centre on meta-data activities. More recent work has focused on updating and expanding the contents of the MdD in collaboration with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre, and making the information available to a wider user community via the Internet.

Since 1998, GRID-Europe has also acquired considerable experience in developing products based on the European Environment Agency's (EEA) meta-data tool, known as the Catalogue of Data Sources (CDS). Products created include the Alpine-CDS, Swiss-CDS, Geneva-CDS and Envirocat.

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