As a UNEP centre specialising in environmental data and assessment, GRID-Europe prepares and disseminates timely and understandable environmental information, to raise awareness and improve decision-making processes.

The core tasks carried out by GRID-Europe are grouped in five broad areas. These include:

In addition, GRID-Europe undertakes a wide range of projects in collaboration with UN agencies and to support the global/regional Environmental Conventions that help to fulfil UNEP's mission.

For the period 2010–2013 UNEP will focus its efforts on delivering on its mandate by exercising environmental leadership on six cross-cutting thematic priorities: (a) Climate change; (b) Disasters and conflicts; (c) Ecosystem management; (d) Environmental governance; (e) Harmful substances and hazardous waste; (f) Resource efficiency – sustainable consumption and production. GRID-Europe activities have been sorted by UNEP priority area.