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One Planet, Many People:
Atlas of Our Changing Environment

One Planet, Many People: Atlas of Our Changing Environmentprovides a comprehensive, visual presentation of scientifcally variable information, on changes in the global environment-both the good and the bad-acquired and assessed through remote sensing technology.

Example taken from the Atlas: evolution of the Lake Hamoun between 1976 and 2001


The main purpose of this hard-cover, 332-page, large-format atlas is to document visual evidence of global environmental changes resulting from natural processes and human -induced activities.


Project Details
The project of the “One Planet – Many People” Atlas, led by DEWA-North America and its GRID-Sioux Falls office, was fully supported from the beginning by DEWA/GRID-Europe, which provided a list of sites of interest and an analysis of 11 of the 80 sites presented in the final Atlas.

The publication of the Atlas solicited great public interest, which continues even now, with various requests for indoor and outdoor exhibitions of the Atlas (two in Geneva, one traveling across Switzerland and one in Spain).