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The Global Assessment Report (GAR) on Disaster Risk Reduction is a report from the ISDR system, involving ISDR, UNDP, UNEP and World Bank, as well as reviewing of methodologies provided by WMO and UNESCO. This high-level report will be launched by the UN Secretary General in Bahrain in May 2009. The study includes several chapters to describe risks at global level, regional studies as well as a part on country reporting on their risk reduction activities.

UNEP played a key role in the global risk analysis. UNEP/GRID-Europe was involved in flood and cyclones modelling, vulnerability assessment and risk modelling. The PREVIEW application, developed by GRID-Europe was totally renewed and is becoming the Global Risk Data Platform for UNEP, ISDR and UNDP. It can be accessed from here:

The overall project on global risk analysis involved more than 20 scientists from various institutions (UNEP/GRID-Europe, ISDR, Columbia University, World Bank, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute) as well as connections with many other data providers (CRED, Dartmouth Flood Observatory, USGS, GPCC, etc.)

This major effort will bring a totally new image of global risk identification with a new resolution at 1 x 1 km. Still under process, all the material should be ready and freely available on-line by mid-May 2009.