Activities  Capacity Building

GRID-Europe carries out various activities in support of regional, national and local capacity building in environmental information management. These capacity-building projects are typically of a specialised technical nature focusing on data management, use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and cartographic production, remote sensing analysis of satellite imagery and Internet-based applications, as well as training in environmental assessment and reporting methods. They are tailored to the needs of UNEP partner organisations and are undertaken in cooperation with other GRID centres and international organisations, and include hands-on training modules.

Capacity building projects include activities such as developing Internet-based environmental information system (GISWeb) for remote users in developing countries and countries in economic transition, establishing a coastal zone information system (CZIS) for Lebanon, support to the Caspian Environment Programme's data and information management component, and providing regional training to GEO Collaborating Centres on GIS data handling and management.