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The publications “Vital Waste Graphics” was initiated by the Basel Convention Secretariat and produced in partnership with the Division of Environmental Conventions (DEC) of UNEP, Grid-Arendal and the Division of Early Warning Assessment-Europe of UNEP.

GRID-Europe assisted GRID-Arendal and the Basel Convention with the preparations of the “Vital Waste Graphics” released during the Basel Convention COP-7, at the Palais des Nations on October 2004. The report, prepared by the three offices, was distributed to the delegates packed with cardboard and plastic bags. (Vital Waste I:

GRID-Europe also contributed to the second edition of Vital Waste Graphics looking at the lifecycle of products and provides a wealth of data, text and graphics that shed a light on types of waste that are usually hidden to the consumers. The report was launched in 2006 on the occasion of the 8th Conference of Parties of the Basel Convention. (Vital Waste 2: