Activities  Assessments

Reviewing the state of the global environment and assessing environmental trends is the main focus of UNEP/DEWA work. The realisation of this mandate came to fruition with the launching of the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) Project in 1995, and which is evolving towards a self-standing, long-term programme. GEO outputs are the final product of an extensive cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder global process that is future-oriented and policy-based in approach. They provide a comprehensive review of the planet's state of the environment, identify major concerns, trends and emerging issues together with their causes and their social and economic impacts.

GRID-Europe has been closely involved in the GEO process since the publication of the first issue in 1997. It provides wide-ranging support by way of core data sets' collection, synthesis and on-line dissemination; training in relevant areas such as data management, GIS, Internet-based applications and State of the Environment Reporting for GEO Collaborating Centres and other partners; and contributes to the methodological development of the reporting process.

GRID-Europe also participates in various thematic and sub-regional assessments within the GEO context, as well as related UNEP reporting activities such as the Cities Environment Reports on the Internet (CEROI).