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The Global Environment Outlook: GEO-4

GEO is UNEP's "flagship" integrated environment assessment (IEA) process, involving hundreds of participants and stakeholders from all sectors of society.

On 25 October 2007, at over 40 sites around the world, UNEP launched its fourth Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-4) - the result of five years of intensive consultation and preparation with stakeholders from all regions of the world. The report links findings on the state of the environment with policy analyses, and highlights emerging environmental issues that require policy attention, 20 years after the Brundtland report was issued. In Geneva, a roundtable on “Europe’s environment: Belgrade and beyond”, was organized by the Geneva Environment Network (GEN), to mark the launch of GEO-4 and to review the outcomes of the Belgrade Ministerial Conference on the Environment of October 2007. Other European launches took place in Berlin, Brussels, London, Moscow, Paris and Prague.

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